Serenity By The Sea (The Provincetown Roundup)
Saturday, October 23 2021 to Saturday, October 23 2021

How virtual workshops will work

We are trying to recreate the experience of attending the Roundup as closely as we can given the differences created by doing the event online. The virtual “Big Tent” meetings will be webinars, which are one-way communications from the speakers and meeting leaders etc. to the various members attending as a digital “audience.” These will be open to all at no charge and the Zoom links will be provided 2 hours prior to the meeting start time.

In order to participate in this year's event you will need Zoom installed on your computer. We recommend you download Zoom for your mobile device or computer before your first event. You will not need to create a Zoom login and you will not need to pay for a Zoom account.


We ask that you review our Digital Code of Conduct which we have put in place to provide a safe environment for all our guests, and which you must consent to in order to register. We also ask you to practice patience and kindness with the hosts, workshop leaders and with one another. This is new to all of us, and digital forms of communications can sometimes “flatten” the ability to interpret emotional nuance, so please be gentle with one another, be patient, and be kind.

The workshops and gratitude meeting will take place on Zoom, and will allow interaction as might occur in a regular workshop. These can be attended using a computer, smartphone, tablet or by phone dial in from a landline. Since we can’t have onsite signups to lead workshops, we will be asking people to sign up to lead on various topics in advance. Please watch your email for workshop leaders to sign up. (We expect to begin workshop leader registrations in September.) Each workshop will have a moderator or “host” to facilitate discussion and monitor for disruptive behavior.